Praise for our Wild Red Reishi Tincture

Red Reishi Tincture in ForestBlessings abound! I am so delighted that wild Knysna Forest medicinal mushrooms are now available. Being a mushroom hunter I know how massively RARE these Reishi are, and having used them how powerfully nourishing to the immune system they are. This is one of the most unique and exciting products available in the world!

Peter Daniel, Author – Rawlicious & The Magic of Superfoods.

I have found your Wild Red Reishi Tincture to be one of the most powerful immune boosters I have ever used – both for myself and for my kids! If I feel a cold coming on I take a dose of tincture and within hours I can honestly say I am symptom-free! I also dose my kids if they complain of a sore throat or have a runny nose and find that they also recover super-fast!

Rosemarie Langley-Moodley, Cape Town

What WAS that stuff that you gave me?! I had never heard of reishi, but I took this tincture when I was feeling very run-down due to overwork and lack of sleep (I am a new Dad!) I took it every morning in my cup of tea and it set me up for the day – I felt energised, clear and all my symptoms of low immunity have just disappeared.

Rion Merryweather, Knysna

This is a powerful product.
I had glandular fever some years ago which has left my immune system very compromised. 
Since using this tincture I have been fighting off infections within hours, not days!
My energy levels have increased radically and (remarkably) so has the visual quality of my eye sight (colours are brighter and more saturated).
I can feel how my body responds to this medicine in no uncertain terms, and I believe that we have a powerful ally in this sacred mushroom.

Kirsten Tilley, Cape Town

African Forest Medicinals’ Reishi mushroom tincture is my ‘desert island’  supplement, the number one herbal product I prioritize for my travel survival kit. 

I feel my immune system being supported on a profound level and am extremely grateful to have this powerful medicine wild harvested from our own forests!  It’s a very rare blessing! 
Extracted using mountain spring water and tested pesticide-free alcohol this product ticks all the boxes and rivals the best products endorsed by the likes of David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis.
Devin Howell, Plettenberg Bay


Praise For Our Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix

There is always a pot on the go in my house and the fact that it’s really good for you is just a bonus.
I find it very grounding and it makes me happy… this may sound strange, but my body sings when I drink it.
This is true earth medicine.

Kirsten Tilley, Cape Town

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