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JulietHi, we’re Juliet & Archie and we’re delighted to welcome you to our website!

We have both had an interest in raw food nutrition and natural healthcare for many years now.  We have both had minor health challenges to deal with in our lives and, as often happens, these challenges have led us deeper into the world of natural healing and optimal nutrition.

A couple of years’ ago, a change of home found us living on the edge of the Knysna Forest, South Africa – and it wasn’t long before we discovered that we shared this home with some extraordinarily powerful and intelligent medicinal mushrooms.  The first ones we discovered were Ganoderma lucidum – more commonly known as Red Reishi – and Ganoderma applanatum, also known as Ancient Reishi.  As we started to explore further, we discovered Trametes versicolor or Turkey Tail.  We soon started making our own tinctures and teas from these treasures.

Shortly afterwards we introduced our Passion Flower tincture – very useful in these times of hormonal imbalance.

And then, more recently, we have started looking further afield – making 2 tinctures from herbs that, whilst, unfortunately, they don’t grow on our doorstep, are just too awesome to ignore – namely, Goji & Schizandra tincture and Nettle Root tincture.

A little more about our background – Archie is a certified bodyworker, specializing in Body Stress Release and Trigger Point Therapy, and Juliet is a certified Raw Food Nutritionist.  We have been studying nutrition and alternative health both on a personal and professional level for the past 20 years.

We have always had a very strong connection to wild medicinal mushrooms – both individually and together.  So it is both fascinating and fitting to us that we should find ourselves living where we do and in a position to make these and other superherbs around us available to others.

If you are struggling with long-term health issues, wish to super-boost your immunity, balance your hormones or simply connect more deeply with life on all levels, then this site is for you.  We will do our utmost to bring to you the most cutting edge information on these wonderful herbs – from the most trusted sources out there, as well as backing this up with our own experience – and in doing so we hope to bring the magic of these superherbs into your lives too.

To Your Extraordinary Health!

Juliet & Archie Terblanche

Founders of African Forest Medicinals




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    • admin Post author

      Hi Roslyne, if you vist our Outlets page you should be able to find an outlet near you. Otherwise, please call Superfoods, our distributor in SA, to ask them for the nearest outlet that is convenient for you. Let me know if you need any more assistance! Thanks! 🙂 Juliet

  1. Susanna

    We are a Pharmacy and would like to Stich your products! Do you have a whole sale price list?
    Kind regards
    Sederkem Pharmacy
    Clanwilliam 027 482 1226

    • admin Post author

      Hi there Susanna, thanks for getting in touch – and so sorry to only get back to you now – your message fell through the cracks! All of our wholesale distribution happens via Soaring Free Superfoods in Cape Town – you can contact them on 0861 000976 and ask to speak to Werner, their National Sales Manager. Thanks! 🙂 Juliet

    • admin Post author

      Hi Robert, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we don’t, no – but if we do start to put one out we will certainly add your name to the mailing list 🙂 Juliet


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