Praise for our Wild Red Reishi Tincture

Blessings abound! I am so delighted that wild Knysna Forest medicinal mushrooms are now available. Being a mushroom hunter I know how massively RARE these Reishi are, and having used them how powerfully nourishing to the immune system they are. This is one of the most unique and exciting products available in the world!   (Peter Daniel, Author – Rawlicious & The Magic of Superfoods).

I have found your Wild Red Reishi Tincture to be one of the most powerful immune boosters I have ever used – both for myself and for my kids! If I feel a cold coming on I take a dose of tincture and within hours I can honestly say I am symptom-free! I also dose my kids if they complain of a sore throat or have a runny nose and find that they also recover super-fast!   (Rosemarie Langley-Moodley, Harkerville)

What WAS that stuff that you gave me?! I had never heard of reishi, but I took this tincture when I was feeling very run-down due to overwork and lack of sleep (I am a new Dad!) I took it every morning in my cup of tea and it set me up for the day – I felt energised, clear and all my symptoms of low immunity have just disappeared.  (Rion Merryweather, Knysna)

This is a powerful product.
I had glandular fever some years ago which has left my immune system very compromised. 
Since using this tincture I have been fighting off infections within hours, not days!
My energy levels have increased radically and (remarkably) so has the visual quality of my eye sight (colours are brighter and more saturated).
I can feel how my body responds to this medicine in no uncertain terms, and I believe that we have a powerful ally in this sacred mushroom.   (Kirsten Tilley, Cape Town)

African Forest Medicinals’ Reishi mushroom tincture is my ‘desert island’  supplement, the number one herbal product I prioritize for my travel survival kit.
I feel my immune system being supported on a profound level and am extremely grateful to have this powerful medicine wild harvested from our own forests!  It’s a very rare blessing!
Extracted using mountain spring water and tested pesticide-free alcohol this product ticks all the boxes and rivals the best products endorsed by the likes of David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis.  (Devin Howell, Plettenberg Bay).

Truly Works
Great product.Helps a lot with fatigue and stress.I love that it’s a wild harvested product as well.  (Zizipo)

Boost Overall Vitality
An amazing product, 2 weeks in I started noticing I’m significantly less fatigued.  (Tristan)

Pure & Effective
Great product, pure, effective but not the best taste. Who cares about the taste if it works though…  I bought it with my girlfriend who has hardened arteries and a not so strong heart. She drinks it every morning and it has shown some results. Also very cost effective for the amount of servings you get – it really encourages me to spend the R200.   (Dirk)

The Best Mushroom Tincture in SA
Pure, wild-harvested, high quality. Add this to my tea every morning and it has much such a difference to my general health. Really rely on this during the flu season and when I am feeling a bit sluggish.  (Janine)

A Touch Of Goodness, Every Day
I simply LOVE the fact that these mushrooms have been hand harvested in the forest.  Makes me feel in touch with Mother Nature. Beautiful tincture.   (Star Flight)

Real Wild Forest Reishi!
This tincture is the REAL deal, there are so many flakey medicinal mushroom products around with weak extracts, or from cultivated mushrooms. I have seen African Forest Medicinals’ production, and everything is wild from the forest they live in, full potency tinctures. We use them everyday to enjoy great health and invest in our future health too!   (Noel)

Amazing…. Red Reishi Tincture is great. I use it for boosting my immune system especially when I am feeling unwell or travelling. No need for additional meds. It works.   (Gugz)

Praise For Our Wild Turkey Tail Tincture

Highly Recommended For Female Organ-Related Infections
After experiencing good results using this for chronic thrush infection, recommended & purchased for friends suffering from very bad UTI and other female organ related infections. Helped them heal completely and even gave them a boost of energy.   (Aysha)

Very Decent “Boost” In A Bottle
Bought two bottles as I feel the benefits can be felt shortly after using it.   (David)

Sorts Thrush & UTI Symptoms Right Out!
Cannot not have this in my pantry!  Gals – let me tell you – this stuff is OUT OF THIS WORLD for making a potential UTI go nuts.  I haven’t ever had to take it with a full blown one – although I’m sure it would work – it would just take longer. But the minute I feel symptoms coming on – these drops every morning for a few days sort it right out and restore my body back to my normal. I wouldn’t go travelling without it – that’s for sure!   (Andrea)

Chronic Candida Totally Healed
I’m a heterosexual male and I have suffered with chronic candida for almost 20 years – being sexually intimate had become so difficult, with a constant candida breakout. I’ve consulted doctors so often, was given diflucan; antifungal creams etc and, per chance, I came across this product, tried it and it didn’t just suppress the condition but completely healed me…  I’m so grateful and definitely recommend it to anyone having issues with chronic candida. It also sorted my tummy issues out, feel less bloated and crampy in my stomach with an added peak in my energy levels!   (Zo)

Keeps The Gut Microbiome In Shape
One of the major benefits of Turkey Tail is it’s ability to beneficially alter the gut microbiome by purging out bad bacteria and pathogens in the gut, giving the upper hand to the good bacteria. I’ve been using it for only a week now and have noticed a major difference compared to other herbal remedies I’ve tried. I’m sure they all help, but it’s only after introducing Turkey Tail that I’ve noticed such an amazing improvement in such a short time.  As a bonus, I have my energy back.  (Rayno)

Cancer Protection!
Turkey Tail is a supreme cancer protector that we use most days and this brand is the real deal!  I have seen African Forest Medicinals production, and everything is wild-harvested from forest they live in, full potency tinctures. We use them everyday to enjoy great health and invest in our future health too!   (Noel)

Goodbye Candida & UTI
Cannot believe I forgot to review this product!  I bought it based on its very first review. It definitely cleared my chronic candida – I used apple cider, colloidal silver, different types of anti-fungals and tablets previously – but nothing removed it completely!!! It started affecting my sex life, as it was just painful and unpleasant to be intimate. Thank goodness for Turkey Tail tincture, by Day 3 I even noticed I could hold my wee longer ( I usually go every hour as I have a weak bladder and drink 2-3 litres of water per day) – which was an added bonus. I highly recommend this – also noticed an increase in energy.  I used it as directed, full dropper in hot water (cooled after boiling), 3 times a day.  Worth the buy!  (Happy V)

Helped with my UTI and Candida. Also noticed an increase in energy.  I used x3 full droppers thrice a day in a cup of green tea for the first three days and noticed an improvement immediately.  I now take it regularly once a day in green tea for maintenance.  (Redbow)

Helps A Lot
Definitely helps UTI’s, candida and immunity.   (Cath)

Always Amazing
Keeps the immune system in perfect shape.  (Janie)

It goes far as you only use a few drops in water. Works well for UTI’s.   (James)

Amazing Product!
This is literally the first product review I have ever felt compelled to write. I have been suffering with a chronic urinary tract infection for the last three months, which developed after taking antibiotics for a different infection. I am extremely sensitive to antibiotics and hate taking them, unless it is an emergency. Every experience I have had with them has caused more issues than the problem I had in the first place. So, when I got the UTI, I tried every natural cure in the book to avoid taking antibiotics: cranberry juice/capsules, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, buchu, juniper berry, activated charcoal, D-mannose, etc… and avoided all sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Just when I thought the UTI was on its way out, a simple cup of coffee or chocolate would bring back all the symptoms.
…Until I tried this product! Literally, within two days of taking small droppers-full in a glass of water, my UTI was gone. I went to the doctor yesterday and there was literally no trace of infection. I am also feeling just generally much more healthy, while taking this product.
Thank you guys so much – will definitely be looking into more of your products.   (BH)

Praise For Our Wild Passion Flower Tincture

Keeps Me Calm
Helps keep me calm during the day.  I add it to hot water and leave it to stand to evaporate the alcohol as suggested.  (Alannah)

Not the biggest fan of the taste but it has a wonderful calming effect and helps me fall asleep.   my mother found it worked for her and she has been taking sleeping tablets for years.  (Jay)

Passion Flower Goodness
Absolutely good product that works.   (Gowwaa)

Amazing Product
Love this! Although the taste and smell is a bit strong this tincture is amazing!  Has a great calming effect and helps me sleep better. Great for anxiety and insomnia.   (B)

Great Product
An absolute gem.   (Thirusha)

Powerful Medicine
We use this tincture on a regular basis for balance and as an investment in future health. Medicinal tinctures can really help in disease situations, but are also very powerful at staving off illness in the future too!
These are the real deal, from real plants made with love and care on the garden route, full potency.   (Noel)

I drink it in tea as a night time sleep remedy, but the taste and aroma is quite powerful and pleasant. Great product!   (Carina)

Helped With My Menstrual Cycle – Welcome Reprieve!
I really struggle with my menstrual cycle. And this really works!! I use more than the recommended 3 drops, but this is going to become my monthly staple.  (Bulelwa)

Fantastic Stuff
I would never have survived a time of loss and grief without this tincture! It works very well!   (Yvette)

Praise For Our Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix

I love this tea.
 There is always a pot on the go in my house and the fact that it’s really good for you is just a bonus. 
I find it very grounding and it makes me happy… this may sound strange, but my body sings when I drink it.
 This is true earth medicine.   (Kirsten Tilley, Cape Town)


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