Wild Artemisia

The Artemisa family of herbs have long been used as a potent anti-parasite for treating blood and liver parasites such as malaria, as well as intestinal worms. The use of Artemisia is widely known amongst the Black people of South Africa, being a trusted remedy for coughs, colds and flu (often used as a steam inhalant) – and, in 2020, was famously used as the remedy that the Madagascan government had their army distribute to their citizens to protect them against/cure C*vid, rather than follow any of the mainstream recommendations being made at the time.

The Artemisia we use in our tincture is Artemisia afra, which is indigenous to South Africa. It is a potent variety and the taste is strong!

Other uses

Artemisia has typically been used to break fevers (by inducing sweating), to treat digestion problems, as well as infections of the GI tract and as an emmenagogue to stimulate healthy menstrual bleeding. It can also be used topically on infected wounds and skin infections.

Artemisia has a potent anti-tumour effect and can be used to treat cancer and, in particular, malignant ulcers. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal actions too.

Protective and Clearing

From our experience of using this tincture (and we can only speak from our own experience), it would appear that it fends off any unwanted viral weirdness that might be going around, as well as alleviating any abnormal “shedding” effects from the experimental gene therapy shot, as can sometimes be experienced having spent time with vaxxed friends and family – or having been out and about in general.

It also seems that there is evidence that it is beneficial to those who have been vaxxed and are suffering from the unwanted effects of this shot. It certainly helps against Epstein-Barr virus, one of the latent viruses activated in those who have had the shot. There seems to be a strong parasitic component to both C*vid and the shot (hence the effectiveness of the anti-parasitic medicine, Ivermectin, in treating symptoms of both) – but we will update this page as our research into this area of use continues.

To sum up – Artemisia to us, on this level, feels both protective and clearing.

Directions for use 

It is important that Artemisia tincture isn’t taken for longer than 7 consecutive days, at our recommended dose of 3 squirts/squeezes of the pipette, up to 3 times per day. If treating very acute conditions, such as malaria, however, then feel free to increase the dose frequency to every 2-3 hours until symptoms begin to subside. In general, artemisia is a very safe herb to take – although it is best avoided in the first trimester of pregnancy.   Shake well before use.

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Artemisia experiences?

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