Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix

Our Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix is made up of 4 different types of medicinal mushrooms, carefully blended with a deliciously sweet mixture of goji berries, licorice root and vanilla pods.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Ganoderma applanatum or Ancient Reishi

Ganoderma applanatum or Ancient Reishi

The 4 medicinal mushrooms we have included are the following:-

Ancient Reishi, Artist’s Conk or Ganoderma applanatum – a powerful antibiotic, antioxidant and immune-modulating mushroom that has been shown to have 100% tumour inhibitory action on certain types of cancer.  They are effective against a wide range of bacteria including E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus.  Increases spleen cell antibody activity.  Ancient Reishi has been shown to be beneficial for hepatitis and for hyperglycemia. These mushrooms can grow for decades absorbing years of forest wisdom and potency and reaching a huge size.  Their longevity is a great indication of their incredibly high antibacterial properties – they can resist breaking down for many years.  White ergosterol on the back of the mushroom makes great artist’s canvas and can be inscribed upon using finger or sharpened stick – hence the name “Artist’s Conk”.  Ancient Reishi has a sweet, smoky flavour and is a particular delicacy of gorillas living in Central Africa (Hint – we can do far worse than to mimic apes when it comes to our food choices!)

Turkey Tail or Trametes versicolor – contains PSK and PSP – both cancer-fighting polysaccharides that have proven to be extremely successful against breast and prostate cancers. Turkey Tail, as with other medicinal mushrooms, also contain Beta glucans, the long-chain polysaccharides that super-boost immunity.  They do this by mimicking bacteria – and this in turn kick-starts our immune systems into “super-active” mode.

Pycnoporus cinnabarinus or "Cinnabar polypore"

Pycnoporus cinnabarinus or “Cinnabar polypore”

Cinnabar Polypore or Pycnoporus cinnabarinus – also immune-boosting, but also very helpful in addressing circulation issues.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.59.00 PM

Inonotus obliquus – or “Chaga”, King of the Medicinal Mushrooms!

Chaga or Inonotus obliquus – King of the Medicinal Mushrooms – is a super- powerful tonic herb.   It only grows north of the Arctic circle, mainly on birch trees – from which it concentrates the betulin, betulinic acid and lupeol, the medicinal components of birch.  Chaga is an incredibly powerful antioxidant (and is in fact the highest source of the super-antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase) , is anti-cancer, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating,  It also detoxes the liver and lowers bad cholesterol levels, as well as offering a myriad of other health benefits.  As with all the other mushrooms in our tea mix, the chaga is also wild-harvested.

All of these mushrooms contain long-chain sugars or polysaccharides and it is these polysaccharides that provide the powerful immune system boost in our bodies, providing us with protection against both acute and chronic disease.

Each packet of Superhero Tea Mix can be boiled up twice before it starts to lose flavour and colour. That means that each packet of tea makes a total of at least 32 cups of awesome, super-delicious, health-giving tea!

Harmonising Herbs

In Chinese tonic herbalism, goji berries are added for their polysaccharide content which boosts immunity. They also aid digestion and increase the major youthening human growth hormone (HGH) in the body.

Colour label- tea mix-in situWe have also added vanilla pods and powder to our Tea Mix, which impart a deliciously sweet, fragrant taste so that you end up with a tea that is a delight to your taste buds (and doesn’t taste “mushroomy” at all!) Vanilla is also a mood-enhancer.

Licorice root is added for its harmonising effect on the tea – it brings all the flavours together.  Not only that but licorice has many pharmocological actions – including anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, antibacterial and anti-cancer effects.  It helps regulate estrogen/progesterone ratios in women and also helps replenish adrenal function, so it is a highly recommended herb for fatigue.

(Special note – if you suffer from high blood pressure, licorice can exacerbate this condition.  In this case you may choose not to put the whole piece of licorice root in your tea and only use some of it instead – or even take it out altogether.  On the other hand, if you suffer from low blood pressure this can help correct and balance the problem).

Why Wild and Organic?

All mushrooms, except for the chaga, are wild-harvested on the Knysna Forest farm we live on. The chaga is wild-harvested (on order, for the freshest mushrooms possible) in Russia and all the other ingredients are certified organic. Both wild-harvested and organic plants require greater natural protection against predators, resulting in them producing far more of the compounds that we are then able to enjoy as medicine. They are also a lot more mineral-rich. Wild-grown plants are also infused with the energies of the natural environment they have grown in – and this wild, natural energy automatically gets transferred to us when we take these plants into our bodies, making us stronger and more in touch with our wild, natural heritage.


I love this tea.
There is always a pot on the go in my house and the fact that it’s really good for you is just a bonus.
I find it very grounding and it makes me happy… this may sound strange, but my body sings when I drink it.
This is true earth medicine.

Kirsten Tilley, Cape Town

How to order

Firstly, check our Outlets page to see if there is a retailer near you.  If not, then please email us on and we will help you directly.  Wholesale enquiries – please contact our distributor in South Africa, Soaring Free Superfoods.

Leave us feedback!

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6 thoughts on “Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix

  1. Denise Mann

    Hi, I would like to find out the price of Superhero Immune-Boosting tea mix and the Passion Flower Tinctur? how we can place an order.
    Look forward to your reply,
    Kind regards, Denise

  2. Jessica

    Hi there,

    I have just received the superhero immune boosting tea and just had a question on making it.
    It says to make the whole bag at once and drink everyday? How long can you keep it for in the pot?
    I live alone so would it be more beneficial to make smaller batches at once?

    Thanks so much,

    • admin Post author

      Hi Jessica – the best way to make this tea is to boil it all up together and then keep the pot in the fridge, just taking out small quantities to heat up when you need it. If you want to divide the bag into smaller sections then you can – but you might end up with a tea that is not as balanced due to ingredient distribution. Hope this helps – enjoy your tea! Juliet xx

      • Jess Pelser

        Hi Juliet,
        Thank you for getting back to me with that info. How long will the tea stay good for in the fridge in a pot until it goes bad/off? (if it does)

        Thanks so much, I have purchased your tea and brought it to Zimbabwe and we are all very excited to have it here.

        • admin Post author

          Hi Jess, you are most welcome 🙂 The tea should stay good in the fridge for a month – if it starts to go off, you will notice mould on the top of it – but this is very unlikely if it is kept constantly refrigerated. Lovely to know this tea is in Zim – it really is such a nutritious powerhouse of a drink, a solid cornerstone of any good health regimen – and super delicious too 🙂 Enjoy!! xx


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