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P4100063-reishi-cover-edited.jpgP4100063-reishi-cover-edited.jpgP4100063-reishi-cover-edited.jpgcropped-P4100063-reishi-cover-edited-3.jpgWe have created this site in order to share with you the incredible benefits that can be gained when we make use of the superherbs that have been provided for us by this outrageously beautiful planet we have the honour of living on.

Always a solution

Connecting with these plants opens us up to an incredible love and appreciation for the utter perfection of the universe and its natural laws.

Because, although these herbs have been around for thousands of years, it is only now, at a time in our history when we are experiencing such a huge increase in the variety and number of health challenges, that they are really starting to come into our awareness on a grand scale.  This would seem to suggest that a problem never exists without there also being a solution.  Which is a pretty awesome realisation.

Re-connecting with nature

It is often said that you don’t find reishi, it finds you – and this certainly appears to have been the case with us.  We feel totally blessed to live in an area that is abundant in medicinal mushrooms – and we have dived into exploring them to the max (we are practically living on reishi tea at the moment!)  By fully immersing ourselves in the energies of these amazing plants we are able to connect with their beings – with who they are, rather than just what they are.

This is such a fascinating, humbling and enlightening path of discovery – and one we would highly recommend to anyone, as the more we recognise and respect the life-force in all beings, the less inclined we will be to inflict any kind of thoughtless destruction upon our environment and rather start to view these beings in their true roles – as friends and allies on our journey through life together.  And, at the same time, the more magic we will invite into our lives.

Ancient intelligence and Superherb Chocolate Alchemy!

The ancient intelligence in all of these herbs is mind-blowing – and their possible benefits numerous and multi-layered.  They all also happen to go really well with chocolate – and you can try out 5 of our delicious Superherb Chocolate Alchemy recipes for yourself by signing up to our mailing list (to the right of this page!)

Awesome wild products for you

We are also proud to bring to you the best in wild-harvested medicinal mushroom and herb products.  We strongly believe that wild-harvested products are superior to those cultivated in a grow-room – as it is their having to survive in the wild that forces them to build up a store of such strong defence mechanisms within themselves – and it is these protective substances that afford us the same beneficial protective qualities when we consume them.  For those of us living here in South Africa they are even more effective – as their growing in the wild in our local environment creates the perfect medicine for our Bio-region as these herbs adapt themselves to our climate, resident pathogens and general eco-system – making them far more strong medicinally than any cultivated mushroom could  be.  At present we have our Wild Red Reishi Tincture, Turkey Tail Tincture, Passion Flower Tincture and Superhero Immune-Boosting Tea Mix available, with more products to follow in future.  If you would like to be kept up to speed about such things, then please sign up for our monthly newsletter (to the right of this page).

Get foraging!

All of the herbs we discuss here are found on the farm we live on next to the Knysna Forest, Western Cape, South Africa.  We’ll take you foraging with us in future videos 😀

We would greatly encourage you however, to get out there and forage in your own neighborhood… and see what treasures await you on your own doorstep.

Wishing you a magical journey into the world of superherb nutrition!





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      Hi Susan, I see you have already subscribed. Please let me know if you haven’t received your recipes or latest newsletter.
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  1. Roëll E. Laughter

    Dear folks!
    Looks like your doing a great job spreading natural medicinals into the world; I love to do that too considering that’s what people currently desperately need.
    Please put me on your subscribe list; am always curious concerning Botanicals and Cacao alchemy!
    Blessings & succes with your endeavors; it’s much appreciated ; ))

    • admin Post author

      Hi Roell,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and for your good wishes 🙂 Have emailed you directly re subscribing to our list. Have a wonderful day 🙂 Juliet

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      Hi Julia, thanks for getting in touch… am just setting up a new newsletter subscription service now – should be up and running in a couple of days’ time, when I will send you a link asking you to subscribe (you need to do this in order to confirm your subscription from your email address). Will be in touch very soon! 🙂 Juliet

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      Hi Shane, thanks for making contact. And apologies to you (and everyone else!) for taking so long to get our Sign-Up Offer up and running again. We’re working on it and will try and get it finished within the next couple of weeks. At that time we will add your email address – then you will just have to confirm this by replying to the sign-up email that will be sent to you. Thanks for your patience, will be in touch soon! 🙂 Juliet

  2. Brett

    Good day, I was hoping you could explain the dose to me – it says two-three ‘droppers-full’ – does that mean the whole actual ‘tube’ ‘cyclinder’ filled and pressed. Or 2-3 ‘drops’ is all ?

    • admin Post author

      Hi Brett – A dropperful is simply one squeeze of the dropper, which gives a measured dose for the size dropper we use – 1ml per squeeze – then take liquid directly into your mouth or put into water. Thanks! 🙂


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